• Public Events

    Beginning May 12, 2022-
    Spectacular Spectacles from the Touch Collection - 

    2:00pm, Wednesday - Sunday

    Join us for a hands-on experience with historical glasses from our touch collection. Hold a pair of 19th century wig spectacles, try on a pair of cat eye glasses from the 1960s, and learn more about the history of vision correction. Each event will be led by a museum staff member or volunteer. 

    Upcoming Events

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    Speaker Suggestions

    We’re interested in hearing from local historians, medical professionals, scientists, innovators, start-ups and artists who are interested in presenting at our evening talks. Email your suggestion to museum@epdhsh.com.

    Facilitators, Artists and Educators 

    We host hands-on activities, workshops and demonstrations that relate to the Museum of the Eye®’s themes in our Education Center, which seats up to 30. If you have designed an activity that you would like us to consider, send your resumé, examples of your work, and why you’d like to work with us to museum@epdhsh.com.

    Book-Related Events

    Do you have a book to launch or publicize that relates to the Museum of the Eye’s themes? Contact museum@epdhsh.com. Please note that at this time, we do not have a retail space or means to sell books.